The Missions

CCB’s principal objective is to promote the business interests of members by 1.Being a co-operation body for internal exchange of information on matters pertinent to the industry; 2.Being an external mouthpiece vis-à-vis other trade associations and international organisations in matters relating to industrial policy, industry statistics etc. To achieve this goal CCB shall 1. Collect, prepare and disseminate basic statistics on production, shipments, inventories, etc; 2. Execute market research and studies on economic forecasts, capacity development, supply and demand balance, etc; 3. Co-ordinate the position of the industry and monitor work in other trade associations concerning technical-commercial issues such as life cycle analysis, standardisation, quality definitions, bar coding and electronic data interchange; 4. Maintain contacts and statistical exchange with national and international organisations such as FAO, CEPI, FEFCO, American Forest and Paper Association and Canadian Pulp and Paper Association. 5. Serve as a centre of communication for industry information relating to e.g. environmental issues and packaging legislation; 6. Constitute a meeting forum for matters of common business interest.