WG White Liners

The Working Group White Liners is open to all producers of these grades, whatever their raw materials are. It is chaired by Vicent Lambert from the company Mayr-Melnhof.

Generally, this working group meets twice a year with a good attendance of representatives of both sub sectors, white top kraftliners and white recycled liners.

The working group handles economic and some very specific technical matters such as:

 - Quarterly production and deliveries of white liners

 - Monthly stocks of white recycled liners

 - Annual forecasts of white liners, generally updated in September

 - The segmentation of the market per substances of produced papers (white recycled liners and white top            kraftliner) and their whiteness (only for white recycled).

- Periodically, the working group also realizes a technical inventory of papers existing on the market, to better    understand the technical evolutions of this sector and to modify, if necessary, the list of grades and their  specifications.

Next meetings:
01/10/2024 - WG White Liners - Frankfurt Airport